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Key Benefits

ControlWatch sits passively on a span port and captures all traffic traversing the network. ControlWatch uses deep packet inspection to extract information buried within packets. State-of-the art machine learning techniques detect anomalous behavior on networks. Coupled with a comprehensive signature database, ControlWatch provides robust protection to industrial networks and components.

ControlWatch also contains a hybrid signature-and anomaly-detection engine, as well as vast array of ICS protocol parsers enabling monitoring of most networks.

Advanced machine-learning algorithms to detect sophisticated attacks while minimizing false alarms.

Mapping visualization to easily identify communication between process components.

Inventory management system that keep track of the state of the network and attached devices over time.

High-performance deep packet inspection engine that rapidly extracts relevant features of packets.





Key Benefits

LogicGuard uses patent-pending technology to monitor the controller logic for anomalous behavior and immediately alerts if the slightest change of controller logic occurs.

LogicGuard detects changes made over the network and via the serial port of controllers, protecting against remote and insider attacks and benign incorrect program changes.

Virtual end point solution that does not introduce complex foreign code to logic controllers

Vendor agnostic solution that continues to be effective as you upgrade your controllers

Change management asset that allows tracking of controller program changes over time

Dashboard and reporting to convey process situational awareness to stakeholders


ControlWatch+LogicGuard provides all of the key features of each product, but is much greater than the sum of its parts. Each component is used by the other to improve accuracy and precision of alerts.