We build solutions that fortify your network from up to nation-state level attackers

End to end security and operational integrity solutions for industrial control systems.

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Three Layers. Endless Protection.

Our state of the art network topology is based on a three-layer framework built on Fortiphyd Network and Fortiphyd Host.


Fortiphyd Network passively monitors your control network using advanced machine learning techniques to detect potential threats. With a vast library of protocol dissectors, Fortiphyd Network dives deep into packets to provide the highest level of coverage.


Fortiphyd Host uses patent pending technology to secure the heart of the control system, process controllers. This vastly scalable solution can monitor all of your process controllers from the network and has the ability to quickly determine if the logic on the controller has been modified. 


To truly fortify your network, our last layer combines Fortiphyd Network+Host. Each technology works to strengthen the other producing a sum much greater than the individual parts.

Our products are based off of patent-pending technology developed by internationally recognized Georgia Tech researchers with deep knowledge of networking, cybersecurity, and industrial control systems.

Our product suite uses a combination of our management console and sensors. 

The management console is the core of the product suite and is usually stored in a central location like a substation.

From the management console, the operators can ascertain complete situational awareness of the industrial control network and the nodes on the network.

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