Fortified security for industrial networks

Go beyond visibility to fortify your industrial network with the only solution that combines network monitoring and endpoint detection for industrial controllers.

Virtual ICS Security Training

Hands-on training with virtual lab environments and 3D simulations

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Industrial controller security

Monitor your industrial controllers to detect attacks that go unseen by just network monitoring alone 

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LogicWatch passively monitors your control network looking deep inside the industrial protocols to provide you visibility into your assets and their communication.


LogicWatch Pro uses patented machine learning algorithms to secure the heart of the control system, industrial controllers. This lightweight endpoint detection solution identifies anomalous behavior in your controller program to alert you when the controller is modified even by insiders with physical access.


Combining the network visibility of LogicWatch with the advanced insider threat detection of LogicWatch Pro fortifies your network with a multi-layer approach.

Our patented technology was developed by internationally recognized Georgia Tech researchers with deep knowledge of networking, cybersecurity, and industrial control systems.

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